Abdullah Moai

About Me

I am a 23 year old web-developer, designer, and entrepreneur. This is my personal website and experimental sandbox. I believe design is as important as the engineering behind everything. I'm inspired from my love of minimalism, and sustainable futurism. I am currently temporarily based in State College, PA and will soon relocate to Saudi Arabia.

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Current Projects

I'm currently working on several personal projects, most importantly on vector graphics scripting to implement into a financial tool I'm developing for the TASI exchange.

I am available for work, you can contact me here.

Last Updated: 12/30/2013


HTMl, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premier. 3Ds Max, AutoCad, Unity3D.

Drupal, Wordpress, Tumblr (themeing).

Basics of C++ and Python, and javascript/html5 web-programming.


I began working in web-development as a hobby and have designed and built dozens of websites as early as 2006 (age 16). At 19, I won first place at a product idea design contest hosted by the KAIROS entrepenourship society at Penn State University and Bulbstorm.com (before its acquisition). More recently, I worked as a sales-associate for SHOP.com and as an Amazon Associate for Amazon.com while studying at Penn State University as an engineer. I freelanced as a graphic designer for print and advertising campaigns throughout this time, as well as some video-editing work for local artists. I designed logos and T-Shirts for multiple school organizations at Penn State University. Last year, I created a car painting service with removable paint through sub-original methods. I am 23 today and I'm looking for employment or VCs and investors to sponsor some of my larger entrepreneurial ideas.


I'm re-building my blog and will be updating this soon :)

Reach Me

Email me at AbdullahMoai@Gmail or reach me @AbdullahMoai on Twitter.