My name is Abdullah, this is my cyber garage. I store my projects here.

About Me

I am a creative business-oriented web-developer. I specialize in design, front-end web development, Bitcoin and blockchain applications.

This is my personal website and experimental sandbox. Currently based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Roles Now

Studying Computer Science at Prince Sultan University - Riyadh (Expected 2018)

Handle Government and Public Relations at The Center of Poll and Measuring Opinion - a consulting/research company in Riyadh. (2014-Currently)

Provide consulting on blockchain technology to local and international businesses and startups. (2014-Currently)

Working on several freelance projects in digital design and cryptocurrency. (2014-Currently)

For an appointment or inquiry please contact me using the reach me tab below.


HTMl, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

Java/ C++ and Python, web scripts in JS/jQuery/HTML5.

Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premier. 3Ds Max, AutoCad and various design tools.

Plugin/Theme design and customization in Drupal, Wordpress, and Tumblr.


I was heavily facinated by computing and the web as a child, and began working in web-development as a hobby in 2006 (age 16) with great supported by the teachers I'll never forget at State College Area High School in State College, Pennsylvania. (2007)

At 19, I won first place at a product idea design contest hosted by the KAIROS entrepreneurship society at Pennsylvania State University and sponsored by Bulbstorm.com (before its acquisition) - My winning project was for an audio-input laser projector as a live visualizer. (2009)

I created StudentWindow.com, a student blog that hosted discussions on sports, especially the 2010 world cup. It was purchased from me one year later. (2010)

Freelanced as a graphic designer for print and advertising campaigns, including video-editing work for local friends and artists. I also designed logos and T-Shirts for multiple school organizations at Penn State University.(2011)

I had many projects online at the time to try to monetize the web. I focused on being an Amazon.com Associate and Shop.com Distributor. I created SEO'd blogs and ran a small online marketplace to sell Shop.com and Amazon products, while studying Engineering at Penn State University (2008-2013)

In 2013, I created a car paint-color changing service using temporary removable rubber paint. I was the only employee and served a maximum of 2 customers per week. Did not have time to scale as a full time student, and stopped 6 months later.

I am looking to meet potential mentors, VCs, and investors to sponsor some of my larger entrepreneurial ideas.

Reach Me

Email me at AbdullahMoai@Gmail or reach me @AbdullahMoai on Twitter.